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Precision CNC Machining
Secondary Operations
Assembly and Testing
Prototype to Production
Engineering Support
All Types of Metals

Precision Aero provides technical assistance including design and processing support to optimize manufacturability. Our engineers have extensive experience in the design, manufacture, and testing of critical components. Our size allows us to quickly respond to your ever-changing needs providing focused and effective quality control, and to protect proprietary information.

We can easily interface with your design team. Precision Aero utilizes AutoCad software to support all design, layout, and manufacturing operations.

In addition to our comprehensive in-house operations, we utilize a network of approved suppliers for laser and water-jet cutting, welding, grinding, die stamping and forming of sheet metal and plate stock, molding of plastic and rubber, application of coatings including anodize, alodine, cadmium, nickel, chrome, heat treating, non-destructive testing including magnetic particle, penetrant, radiographic, and ultrasonic testing.