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Precision Aero utilizes state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing equipment and custom work-holding tooling to produce precision components machined from wrought or extruded bar, billet, castings, and forgings. We machine all types of stainless, alloy, and carbon steels, high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, aluminum-bronze, and brass.
Our Shop Includes:
  • CNC Lathes w/Bar Feed & Live Tooling
  • CNC Mills
  • CNC EDM Precision Small Hole Drilling Holes as small as .006″

Precision Aero’s vast experience with materials means flexibility. We’re accustomed to working with stainless steel and exotic materials as well as aluminum, brass and alloys.

Precision Aero continues to be proactive in meeting the challenges of a growing industry, as your product needs and requirements change. Precision Aero thrives on challenging products. As a diversified company we are experienced with the machining of many different parts. This ensures that you experience the stability of a long term relationship with a company that will be here for you in the future.

Quality Assurance
Our quality team works closely with customers to achieve specific quality requirements insuring a reliable and consistent machined part. We also maintain clean, modern, well lit and organized facilities for safer, more efficient manufacturing processes. We strive to maintain the most productive atmosphere possible to ensure quality and efficiency in every step of production.

On Time Delivery
All orders are tracked by computer on a daily basis. We’re able to change priorities immediately to accommodate our customers’ needs.