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Terms and Conditions


Precision Aero Corporation
Purchase Order Quality Requirements

Standard Quality Requirements:

  1. Supplier quality system must meet or comply with the requirements of ISO-9001:2015.
  2. All parts, materials, or services provided to Precision Aero Corporation (PAC) shall be processed to the revision level(s) defined by the purchase order. If the revision level is not defined, the latest applicable issue shall be utilized.
  3. All parts, materials, and services provided to PAC shall be certified in accordance with the requirements defined by the purchase order. When specified on the purchase order, the supplier shall:
    • Complete a FAIR (first article inspection report) traceable to an individually identified part in that lot (for first deliveries of each part number). If the revision level of any part is changed during the life of the contract, a new first article traceable to an individual part shall be performed on any features affected by the revision.
    • Complete a first piece submitted for PAC approval prior to commencement of the production run of product.
    • Perform defined inspection of the parts being manufactured or process being performed and supply that data to PAC. Data shall be supplied in a clear format or PAC will provide the forms for documenting this inspection.
  4. When the supplier is furnishing raw material, all deliveries must include actual mill certification of the raw material supplied or the raw material used to fabricate parts. All heat lots must be segregated and kept separate throughout all manufacturing, inspection and shipping and be clearly identified.
  5. Non-conforming material shall not be shipped to PAC without the express written consent of PAC that the discrepant material is acceptable. If after delivery of product the supplier detects a nonconformance that may affect safety or reliability, the supplier shall immediately notify PAC. Notification shall include a clear description of the nonconformity, part numbers, quantities, and delivery dates of affected product.
  6. The supplier shall notify PAC and obtain approval for any significant changes in product or process definition that may affect product quality.
  7. In the event that the supplier shall subcontract product or services that could affect product quality, the supplier must identify and use approved subcontractors as appropriate. The supplier shall flow down all applicable purchase order requirements to all subcontractors.
  8. The supplier and/or the supplier’s subcontractors shall not supply PAC with any suspect items that are copies or substitutes without legal right or authority to do so…or, whose material, performance and/or characteristics are knowingly misrepresented by the vendor, supplier, distributor or manufacturer.
  9. PAC requires that the supplier’s calibration system comply with ISO 10012, or an equivalent calibration system appropriate for the part, material, or service provided.
  10. Representatives of PAC shall be provided the right to verify at the source that the purchased parts, materials, or services conform to the specified requirements. Any audit, inspection, or test made on the premises of the supplier, or the supplier’s subcontractor, shall be without additional charge. The supplier shall provide all reasonable facilities and assistance for the safety and convenience of the auditor/inspectors in the performance of their duties. The supplier shall allow right of entry to any place necessary to determine and verify the quality of contracted work, records and materials. All audits, inspections, and tests on the premises of the supplier, or the supplier’s subcontractor, shall be performed in such a manner as not to unduly delay work. Such verification shall not be used by the supplier as evidence of effective control of quality. Verification by PAC shall not absolve the supplier of the responsibility to provide acceptable product, nor shall it preclude subsequent rejection by PAC. Representatives of PAC customers and regulatory agencies shall also be provided this right of entry.
  11. The supplier shall make available to PAC or its customers records of production, inspection, test certificates of conformance or certificates of analysis within a reasonable time frame as needed. Records of production, inspection, test, certificates of conformance or certificates of analysis shall be retained for a minimum of 50 years.
  12. The supplier shall be aware of their contribution to product or service conformity, contributions to product safety and the importance of ethical behavior.
  13. The supplier shall have a FOD prevention program compliant with the requirements of SAE AS9146.